Hdpe stop log valves

Stop-logs HDPE

Water control - Flood Barrier - Water Level Control

WA-HDPE Stop-log gates water control systems, maintain water levels to the maximum height of the logs.

Water levels are regulated by adding or removing logs in the channel. Each log is horizontally placed in a channel to control the desired water levels. The channel may be open or closed.

If the structure is enclosed sufficient space or floor slots at the top must be maintained to allow placement and removal of the logs.

Stop logs provide flood wall protect against high water levels during storms and flooding.

Max widths are calculated relative to height requirements of the log gates.

Stop Logs are held in place by slide channel mounted on the wall. Depending on the width, sections may joined together between support channels. Stabilizing brace functions form part of wider width requirements.  

Rubber type seals are placed on each end and across the bottom of the logs.

HDPE stop logs are equipped with lifting lugs. Blocking log gates have modular log handling devices for underwater retrieval of the log. Depending on size weights, the logs are normally handled by personal without equipment lifting devices.

  • Open channel service
  • Water level regulation
  • Equipment isolation
  • Flood barriers and other functions.


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