Hdpe penstock valves

Penstock Valves - HDPE

Penstock water control gate systems, WA-PRA penstocks.

HDPE Penstocks are regularly used for a number of operations in both municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants.
Generally they serve the purpose of:

  • Isolating a piece of equipment;
  • Shutting off a whole part of a plant;
  • Controlling water level and / or flow rates.
Penstocks are fitted into walls (to close circular, square or rectangular openings/windows) or into channels (with frame enclosed in the concrete). Penstock HDPE Valves have vertically sliding doors that control flows by closing or opening. The gates allow fast closing of drainage systems from a containment area, when temporary isolation is required.

Penstock gates may operate manually or by actuators.

WA-HDPE Penstocks only allow one percent of the acceptable by-pass of the American standard for cast iron penstocks - AWWA C 501


- Water containment or release.

- Flow control in sewer systems.

- Waste water treatment plants.

- Settling pond level control.

Standard water head pressure is 5 meter water column on or off seating. Higher pressures are available.


WA-PSG HDPE Penstocks are control gates that regulate water flow. They are used for blocking or controlling the flow through pipes and channels.

Penstock gates are available in many sizes. They contain head pressures up to 16ft. (5 meter) on and off seating.



Penstocks supplied for rectangular, square or round openings.




HDPE Penstock gates are used to control the flow of water in various types of water management systems, such as dams, power plants, and irrigation systems. They are typically large gates that are designed to regulate water flow, and can be operated either manually or with the use of automated systems.

HDPE Penstock gates can withstand the pressure and weight of water expected flowing through them.

One of the main advantages of HDPE penstock gates is their ability to regulate water flow with precision, allowing for efficient management of water resources. They can be used to control water levels in reservoirs and canals, regulate water flow for hydroelectric power generation, and manage water distribution for irrigation systems.

Penstock gates can also be customized to fit specific requirements for a given water management system, with various sizes, materials, and designs available to suit different needs. Overall, penstock gates are an important tool for effective water management and resource utilization.


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Available for all American or International pipe and opening sizes:

HDPE Penstock specification sheet

Installation Sheet Penstock

Introduction To HDPE Penstock Gate Valves

Penstocks - Sluice gates mount types

Penstock Valve Generic drawing


HDPE penstock sealing systems advantages:

WA-PSG penstock valves have a special EPDM rubber seating profile. The shape of seal makes it possible for high pressure on both sides of the gate.

WA-PSG Penstocks do not require assembly or adjustments on site. They are ready to install off the pallet, all mounting materials are supplied.

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