Hdpe flap weir valves

Weir Gate Valves - HDPE materials

Weir gate valves are water level regulating valves

WA - Tilting Weir Gate units for example maintain a higher summer water level especially on wet land areas where specific levels encourage birds and plant habitat.

Weir Gates are manufactured from high HDPE and 316L stainless steel for all metallic requirements. Weir gate structures are very durable, robust, easy to operate, and have a very low maintenance requirement.

They are used in many applications ranging from surface water, rivers, sewer and process water systems.

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Weir gates control the amount of water that is allowed to flow through a particular location. Water levels are controlled by automatic leveling function. A custom made solution for every specific situation is available. Examples include reservoirs where the water should never be lower or higher than a certain level.

The regulation program is normally a three different sub-program approach.

WA-Weir gates block the flow to the height of the door
Regulate water level upstream
Regulate water level downstream.



Valve to regulate the upstream water level between a minimum level and a maximum level.

Standard pressure

Maximum pressure in meters water column equal to the height of the door (DH).


1 Segment HDPE
2 Frame Stainless steel AISI 316
3 Door HDPE
4 Reinforcement profiles Stainless steel AISI 316
5 Gear Aluminum/Others
6 Seal Neoprene/EDPM

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Model WA-POS overflow valves regulates upstream water levels They continuously keep water levels between a minimum and a maximum level.

The customer always defines the minimum and maximum levels required as well as other installation features required.

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Double Gate Overflow Valves: See PDF

Float Valves water level control upstream and downstream: See PDF

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