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Flood Control control and management wall mount Flap Valves.

HDPE flap valves with opening pressures measured in mm instead of inches.


HDPE Flap Valves
Are light weight Flap Valve check valves, easy to handle, and highly resistant to aggressive substances. HDPE and stainless steel combinations used in Westatlantic supplied Flap Valves, provide a strong, lightweight flow control systems.

HDPE corrosion resistant flow control Flap Valves are available for all pipe sizes and mounting configurations.


The PTK-G flap valve, wall mount model, is suitable for below and above the waterline. Not for permanent under water use. Its main application is to prevent back flow in times of emergency. The vertical position ensures minimal loss of outflow. The centre of gravity lies right under the hinge axes so the valve is not hindered by its own weight and will open with very little differential pressure, provided the wall is also perpendicular. Differential opening pressure less than 10 mm water column.

Model PTK-G is normally installed above the water line. It prevents back flow in times of sudden increases in water levels due to heavy rain and flooding

Its compact dimensions also enable this flap valve to be installed in small concrete chambers where other designs do not fit.

No corrosion

  • Good chemical resistance against acids salts and alkalis, many solvents, oils, etc.
  • High UV protection for outside use
  • Suitable for use between -50ºC and +70ºC
  • Dimensional stability, low density and lightweight




PTK-G Flap Valve Data Round Design

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