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HDPE Flap Valve check valves for flood control and water management

PWG Check Valves are used for permanently under water use and check valve functions in pressure piping outfalls.


Pump pipe outfall pdf drawing

pdf data pressure pipe outfall

Flap Valve Gravity Versus Pump Pressure Lines

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Pump Operating



The function of the air vent is not obvious during the time the pump is in operation. It only becomes clear when the pump stops.  


Pump Stops



As the pump stops, the flow reverses and the flap valve must prevent the reversed flow. In the very short time span between the pump stopping and the flap valve closing, the flow returning into the pipe can result in very high pressures.


The aerator vent prevents a vacuum formation by allowing air to enter the pipe through the air vent. As a result the valve closes slowly and in a controlled manner.

Pump Starts to Operate


When the pump starts up it compresses the air remaining in the pipe.

The compressed air can leave the pipe through the air vent.

The size of the aerator is approx. 10% to 15% of the flap valve bore.


Small flap valves up to 400 mm diameter are equipped with a threaded opening measured in inches.

With bigger diameters the air vent will be equipped with a flange.

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